Taking Action

The focus of NOW’s work is taking grassroots-led action within our communities and developing the skills that activists need to make positive change at every level.  Action can take a lot of forms and we use all of them – both traditional and non-traditional.  Actions may include lobbying elected officials, pressuring corporations or public bodies; pushing for legislations, or more direct actions, such as pickets or rallies, focusing media attention on a problem, filing a lawsuit, putting a public spotlight on discrimination, and much more.  The organizing skills you’ll develop by being involved with NOW will make you a more powerful and effective advocate for women and for yourself!

What Are Our Priorities?

McHenry County National Organization for Women considers our SIX PILLARS to be our top priorities. They are:

 Reproductive Justice; Racial Justice; LGBTQIA Rights; Violence Against Women; Economic Justice; and the Constitutional Equality Amendment